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Ships just coz


I’ve gone a hurt my ankle again (sports ruin you, kiddies) and am currently sitting with a bag of frozen veggies on it, so I need something to do with my time. 

What You Need To Do:

- Must be following me
- Reblog this
- Send me a question/ship in my ask (you can find my face here)

What You’ll Get:

- Ship
- Random Song On Shuffle
- Blog rate
- An outfit for your ship (follow my personal blog for this bit)

Pretty, pretty please guys! xo.

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~Reblog this ~Ship me/ ask me a question for…

5sos ship: Luke | Calum | Mikey | Ash

1D ship: Harry | Liam | Niall | Zayn | Louis

You don’t have to follow me but it would be nice

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Justin Bieber TWITTER PACK♡




si lo usas o guardas reblog o like♡.


"Baby" Music Video has reached ONE BILLION views on VEVO. Congratulates, Justin Bieber!